Friday, February 11, 2011

Frenzied fans of Cricket

It is a great time for cricket fanatics who go crazy over the game, a frenzied time and cacophony that will have a sway over their minds for the next couple of months. Of Gods and Demigods, the cult figures whose acrobatics on the field bring instant gratification to million. Truly a religion in this part of the subcontinent, Cricket is above any discipline in India. People live, swear and die for cricket.
However, this is not what generates interests in me about the event. I am more fascinated by what is going on inside the mind of a bookie, someone who reaps rich harvests in the sidelines without an iota of involvement in the game. In search of hapless, gullible and overtly avaricious souls (for a share of the milch cow) bookies often define the course of matches. At least in the past they did.     
Moreover, the statistics are alarming over the broadcast brouhaha. From what I have heard, a 10 sec slot of advertisement, in the knockout stages is a staggering 4 lakh rupees. Wow! Cricket in India flushes with funds whereas other sports lag far behind and disappear into oblivion facing a paucity of funds. Poor cousins of cricket, despite being gold medal winners and doing the country proud, run from pillar to post in want of money when faced with a grim situation. Why? Of course no answers because nobody cares. If only the cash rich BCCI had spared some thought for other games in the country.   
All said and done, do not assume that I despise the game with a teeth grinding agony. I am also a Bruce Willis (?) fan of cricket like any fellow Indian…Ummmmm I mean die-hard. It is just that I also think about the apathy of others sports in India and sincerely wish that the tables are turned. Anyways, let us enjoy our cricket for now and cheer our country for that long impending victory. 28 years is a good time to repeat history man. What say guys!   

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