Thursday, February 10, 2011

True confessions of a kamchor (read leech)

Monday: I abhor Mondays. A true derelict after a great weekend, a hangover of unflinching fun and excitement, Mondays are hard to face. I am inflicted with Monday morning blues, a pandemic of which I am not the sole prey (I know there are millions out there like me). Fluffy eyes, a sagged attitude and a grim look on the face welcome my Mondays. Five long days of intense grill until the next weekend, hah! Can anyone tell me why are weekends so short.

Tuesday: (Wo)Man! A day has just passed by, still so far away from Saturday. Tuesday means another day of challenge to take on the work life. I just wait for the day to get over.

Wednesday: This day of the week gets a lukewarm response, a subtle sense of arriving yet so far. It is akin to the sight of a ship in the distant horizon. You see it coming in the size of an ant but it is miles away from the shores. 

Thursday: Ummmmm! Thursday is creeping in at a snail’s pace.  I overheard a colleague of mine describing Thursdays in the most apt manner. He says, “Thursday is like constipation. You know it is there but it is not coming”. Ha…Ha Ha How true! It is that day of the week when your concentration is most fragile and it is difficult to carry on with your work.

Friday: Oye! Its Friday….. Hard to believe that I have withstood a challenge of a week and it is time for the remuneration. Shopping, fine dining and nightlife beckons in its most appealing best. Movie reviews and play the perfect critic dissecting movies made by the sweat of the director’s brow. [It is a different thing that movies are made with millions and we play critics spending just a few hundred bucks wanting value for our hard earned money.] 

 P.S. I have not included Saturdays & Sundays because I do not have the faintest idea how these two days look like due to the fact that I am never in my senses by gulping in gallons. Ha Ha Ha …..  

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