Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baba Ramdev wants a share of the booty

What do you say about the latest imbroglio, the ‘congress Vs Ramdev’ saga? People are divided on their takes on the current fracas of ‘stashed trillions’ in overseas banks. Baba believes in bringing back the hoarded black money to India whereas our politicos are in jittery, with a strange fear of losing the grip over their secret wealth..ha…ha….ha.. Life is so strange!

Had I been one of those who had amassed a huge fortune and stacked it somewhere in a foreign bank, even I would not like the idea of forgoing with my money. If I can cajole my conscience into gorging public money, I can go into any length to protect my money and oppose any damn protest by any damn baba or whosoever. But, it’s a different thing that I still have a long way to go when it comes to convince myself of laying my hands on public money, if ever in helm of affairs.

You have to agree that looting public money is an art and has to be mastered over the years. So, what’s wrong in earning by capitalizing on ones art, it is a credo in society. Our politicians are selling their art and earning their bread and butter, oohh la la! 400 lac crores of bread and butter…..Man how can they eat so much..must be having a good appetite.. I envy the strong digestive power of their protruding tummies.

Agreed that the ruling government is corrupt to the core, but who is the heir apparent in Indian democracy? Look at the way the opposition has jumped into the bandwagon, politicizing the crusade of a benevolent baba who has nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Who needs their so called moral support? The day isn’t far away when politics is going to mar this country and rob it off its sheen.

Support Anna Hazare, support Baba Ramdev and support the campaign against corruption. The time has come, we as Indians should unite and propel this unprecedented upsurge in the history of the country to a different realm. Let us garner enough voices and provide the necessary momentum in whatever small way we can.

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