Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebrity style

It is an innate nature in us to be in the shoes of a celebrity and emulate them in the best possible way. So, celebrity style, with all its nuances, has a major role to play in our lives. We are mesmerized by their inimitable style, the grace and aplomb they carry themselves with.

Whether it is Hollywood divas and socialites like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardarshian, Lindsay Lohan or our desi divas, undeniably we love to tread following their footprints. Almost every day we browse through features in gossip columns of tabloids, magazines and loads of online pages for a dose of the latest celebrity fashion.

Now, for my take on it-I think it is not all bad.
Because by following them, it adds the 'zing 'to our otherwise mundane lives, generates business for beauty salons, spas and other ancillary fashion oriented vocations. It is amazing to see young guns following hunks with weird unshaved visage, remaining updated of haute couture, vouching for designer labels and lot more.
So, where do we get to see this celebrity style?

They end up in shows, award nights, inauguration of new setups, product launches, social dos or charity events, draped in the most unique and opulent attire.
It is not just the pretty ladies who are more susceptible to fall for celebrity fashion; guys are equally vulnerable to aping the celebs.

However, they are not short of foibles and have their share of fashion faux paux, inviting a lot of flak. We also love to find flaws in their fashion. Ranging from their hairdo to makeup to the combination of colors, we enjoy giving our expert comment.

But, unlike us, they are in expert hands, of people who transform them with finesse from demure damsels into gorgeous babes and iconic role models.

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