Monday, September 10, 2012

Across India On A Budget

Are you a frugal traveler and on the lookout for a budget trip around India? Do you want to assimilate this vast and intriguing sub-continent without worrying to spend a fortune?

The Claridges, a posh hotel in New Delhi

As is the country, a sharp contrast, with slums besides high rises, a prince walking along the pauper, India also has some really excellent budget options for the visitor.

The Park Hotel, New Delhi

Where on one hand you can snuggle in comfort and utmost luxury, cooling your heels in a seven star hotel, there are also some really cheap hotels to welcome you.
Luxury AC buses run concurrently with low fare government run vehicles taking you to various places.

Depending on your choices, you can binge on an upscale restaurant with every international food laid out on your platter or you can go on a spree of tasting local cuisine at a reasonable rate. Not that local cuisine is cheaper than its international counterparts; there is local cuisine available at astronomical prices in elite restaurants.
The Taj Hotel, New Delhi
You would definitely experience the same amount of joy in New Delhi as a traveler as you would in New York (of course you’ve to be a true traveler and know ways to look at things).

So, come and fulfill your long cherished dream of traveling through the length and breadth of this beautiful country_The Incredible India.

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