Sunday, September 21, 2014

Snapdeal Presents Big Boss Season 8

The bitching is about to begin! BIG BOSS season 8 starts tonite…… presents Big Boss season 8…wow what a company! Just the other day, a nascent company about to take off, with big dreams, plenty of energy, enthusiasm and a missionary zeal to make it big one day…’Big’ they have made it today…however, sponsoring a mega program on Indian television is no way a measure of their real worth; hundreds are employed…billions are being raised and surging ahead at a speed that is supersonic, Snapdeal has more than arrived in the ecommerce domain, taking the Indian market by storm. Really love it-the way young entrepreneurs have taken charge in today’s world. Big business is no longer a prerogative of scions hailing from century old established brands. Very Inspiring!

I can only wish that every ecommerce site in India ( raging bull) attains the stature of global giants like, and closer home the Chinese!  

Big Boss, all the drama, tantrums, cat fights, emotions, romance, daunting tasks (ha ha ha..daunting), summons from Big Boss to appear in the confession room, the conspiracy, the raunchy moments, revelations of some startling truths by few, all these whip up a perfect recipe for Indians to be had for dinner during the next three months.

Above all Salman Khan-The Superstar who offers the all important KICK to watch the show. I am a Salman fan like millions of Indians. In fact, it was because of him that I started watching the show, now I am glued. The décor, the luxury, the innovative sets every time have made this one of the biggest shows on Indian television. 


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