Thursday, February 5, 2015

AIB Knockout Or PIB (Pan India Backchod)-Whatever!

The name seems so fancy, AIB Knockout. "AIB"- as if an acronym of something very worthwhile, ha ha ha...One can proudly announce to the folks, "Papa Papa I'd just come from a show of the AIB Knockout Season One". Poor papa would have no reason to cast his doubt on any ulterior motive of yours.

Nevertheless, AIB managed to create quite a stir garnering enough response, which, I think served the very purpose. Today it is all about generating a healthy buzz in the social media. Twitter-eties are agog to see what's trending, facebook walls are replete with opinions, instagram is overworked, pinterest is also overwhelmed with what is happening in the #AIB front. Leave alone the bichara YouTube which was at the vortex of this conundrum.

So... Whom do I endorse here-the 'For' or 'Against' of the pan-Indian Bakchods? OR, whom do you extend your support to? 

Immaterial. Period.

Being non-judgmental is a divine quality and it saves you of unwarranted stress in any situation. So, let us take the middle path, a.k.a the golden path. But, I know in the course of it, I will tilt and can’t levitate for long in between the right and wrong. 

Surprisingly, we all love pandemonium. We derive a kick out of it. The act of a few people, witnessed by a crowd of 4000, shelling out 4000 bucks each, would have gone unnoticed or remained confined to a secluded section of the society, had it not been for the social media channels. ‘I, Me, Myself’ included, of being unaware.

Too many biggies got entangled in this #hashtag# AIB imbroglio, firing salvos, hurtling abuses at each other and breeding bad blood among people-mudslinging in full force. People are ready to roast each other. Trying to arrive at a consensus is a distant possibility because contradicting something keeps one alive, either side of the fence.

Seriously, I am in dire straits, whether we should curtail the freedom of speech of an individual or whether this is a breach of civility by allowing profanity let loose in the "atmospheric pressure (?)" of the Universe!

But, there have also been instances where people go overboard in bragging their creativity and end up hurting sentiments. This is not acceptable. The very set of people would not take a joke lying down when it is on them. “The shoe pinches while on the other foot”.

Uff (Indian sigh)!!! The AIB was in a different zone altogether. Boy ‘Oh’ Boy, it was mayhem. 

Why do we have to emulate The United States in every aspect? Why do we have to malign our culture if they’d also roast people since ages? There goes a saying “eat like an American and die like an American”. Do we also have to eat junk like they do and fall prey to all new diseases in this world? If you aspire to the U.S.A. then look for their positive aspects. Even they are grappling with their negativity.

AIB took it to a different realm that day and it was nothing short of porn, explicitly. If you do that in the confines of your four walls among your peers- nothing objectionable about it. But how can you take the shit out to the streets and try to embed it to our social milieu. Just by saying, “viewer’s discretion is required” you cannot go to any length.

Even porn has its purpose, but that does not mean that you go and put up large screens in public places to watch it collectively. Since you enjoy it very much in the privacy of your room you cannot go and press for it to be viewed in public in the name of hypocrisy, if we watch it anyways why afraid to admit in public. Such logic is crass.

Good humor, laughing at ourselves, drawing analogies, raking up social issues etc. etc-.fine! But draw the line. I simply can’t believe my eyes at some of the gestures of those present on stage. Frankly, I don’t read too much into their justification for being a part of the event. They will have to anyways, even though most of them repenting silently by now.

What I really felt bad is the betrayal of my adoration for one of the celebrities present in that show, in fact I was saddened! The rest, they belonged. I really wonder what would have happened dare they pull this brazen shit in a Middle Eastern country.     

It would have turned out to be a great show had they not gone overboard and curtailed themselves at places. Perhaps there are now more brickbats than accolades.

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