Monday, February 16, 2015

WAW-What A Week-That was!

Arvind Kejriwal sworn in for the second time! Opposition cries foul over tall promises. Says money allocated for Delhi is far less than required to fulfill electoral promises. Kumar Vishwas is confident of resources. Says, enough grains in godowns, only rodents need to be checked. He also mentioned a very pertinent point that running a government is not rocket science if you are honest at heart. People complicate things just to mislead and keep the general public in a lurch. So True! 

India won the game against Pakistan for the sixth time in the world cup. The jinx continues. All-round cricket from India this time! Hope the tempo continues throughout the ICC World Cup. 

Virat Kohli for team India and Arvind Kejriwal for Delhi! Delhi has so much to rejoice this week.

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Man of the match
Man of the moment

Aamir Khan is drawing more flak than the original AIB Roast for his unsavory comments on the show.  Unsavory for the supporters, as they can’t hear a word against the ‘roast of the century’ in which they take pride in the name of creativity, humor and the freedom to express oneself. They are all set to obliterate few words from the dictionary, such as obscenity, profanity etc. Such words would be relegated to synonyms of the word humor. If you can jerk at the thought of an elderly and respected lady (just like their own mothers) and admit it in public, you have scaled the highest peak in this world. 

A film and a live show are two different genres. A movie showcases love, sex violence, emotions, adultery, humor, drama, suspense, action and lot more. But there is a message in that- “What goes around comes around”. Using cuss words, violence, profanity are shown in movies, but they all come to their fate. Hence, comparing a movie with the AIB roast is like playing cricket with the rules of football. 

So, all those knowledgeable #@&*% in twitter, get it gripped first. We know there is dearth of wisdom in this country, but don’t let the secret slip to the outside world. By the way who is Russell and why does he Peter (It is a jive-In sync with the tenets of AIB, LOL or Luul)? Tell him to shut up and mind his own non-business.

PK-the alien

Like they say, success has many enemies. The more you have of it the more successful you are. How true of Aamir Khan. The enormous success of PK has not gone down well with some denigrated makers of the craft. Seems, PK has not only shattered records but quite a few hearts as well. Lagta hain luul ho gayi hai sabki laif! 

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